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April Mew's! by Lynn-StarDragon April Mew's! :iconlynn-stardragon:Lynn-StarDragon 0 1
KH 'Pretty Pewter Plasters'
Title: Pretty Pewter Plasters
Author: Lynn StarDragon, the Happy Dragon
Warnings: Written while sick, so it might not make as much sense as I think it does.
Disclaimer: Don't own Kingdom Hearts. Not making money from this.
Prompt: Vanitas is the reason Sora wears his crown necklace.
'Maybe there's someone out there who needs help, and is waiting for you. Just listen to your heart, Sora.'
Tired blue eyes opened to stare at the ceiling of his room, half-remembered words washing over his ears. The spiky brunet sighed, and rolled over to snuggle his face into the pillow and stuffed rabbit. Sometimes Riku said really weird things, but he was always right, so he guessed that was okay. It was bright outside, but it wasn't so bright in his room, and he wasn't feeling so bright and shiny himself.
Actually, he hadn't been all that shinyhappyupbeat for the past few days, since he'd taken Riku's advice. He'd felt a little sad, and a little wonde
:iconlynn-stardragon:Lynn-StarDragon 1 1
KH 'Round One'
Noun: 1) A frightening or unpleasant dream.
2) A terrifying or very unpleasant experience or prospect.
Synonyms: incubus
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
The mare in nightmare is not a female horse, but a mara, an Anglo-Saxon and Old Norse term for a demon that sat on sleepers' chests, causing them to have bad dreams.
Dialect variants, and includes the forms mara, mahr, mahrt, mårt, and others.
In High German, the demon who causes bad dreams is most often called an Alp, a word that is etymologically related to elf.
A mare-induced bad dream is called a nightmare in English, martröð (mare-ride) in Anglo-Saxon and Icelandic, mareridt (mare-ride) in Danish, mareritt (mare-ride) in Norwegian, and Alpdruck(alp-pressure) or Alptraum (alp-dream) in German.
He reached down, hand trailing over porcelain
:iconlynn-stardragon:Lynn-StarDragon 4 4
Mature content
FF7:The Eye of the Storm :iconlynn-stardragon:Lynn-StarDragon 0 5
APH: Baked
Title: Baked.
Author/Artist: Lynn Stardragon (Happy Dragon)
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Sweden, Finland, Sealand, Hana-Tamago, UK
Rating: (Crack) G PG-13 for international swearing. . . Unless you don't know what they translate to in whatever languages you know, then it's right back to 'G'!
Warnings: CRACK! TOTAL AND UTTER CRACK-FLUFF-HUMOR! (Which should tell you something about me if I consider THIS cracky.) And failing at British speech patterns, because I'm horribly AlfredianAmerican. Oh, and failing at personalities in general, but this is Crack!Fiction, so I think I get leeway, right?
Summary: Sea-kun will do -Anything- to get that JerkUK to recognize him as a Nation, including cook up a batch of 'Faerie Biscuits' [magick Cookies for us 'Yanks'] that the Brit has given the poor Naval-Base a recipe for. It's a good thing Sweden is there to keep him from either burning down the house or making them inedible . . . . Isn't it?
A/N: Wha
:iconlynn-stardragon:Lynn-StarDragon 1 2
KH 'His Eyes'
Title: His Eyes
Author: Lynn StarDragon, the Happy Dragon
Warnings: Mild series spoilers for
Kingdom Hearts. Darkness (element, not mood).
Implied morethanfriends-ness between boys,
and dub-con . . . non-con. . . Ansem-con.
Disclaimer: Don't own Kingdom Hearts
Not making money from this.
Summary: Riku needs to stop lying to himself.
Word count: 371
His eyes couldn't lie. Not to him, and not to others,
if they knew how to look into them, without seeing
the ocean at his back, and the stars in his soul.
For want of adventure, the boy was lost.
He could fight, and he could run, and he could lose lose
lose lose--lost--but he could never lie well
enough to matter in the end, surrounded by darkness
deep, and the most masterful liars of the worlds.
For want of the boy, a heart was lost.
And he had spun that same blackness too, masterful
and crafty, and calling up a friend's memory to keep him
sane on the long road home, when the nigh
:iconlynn-stardragon:Lynn-StarDragon 5 20
KH 'This is Halloween'
Disclaimer: It's complicated. Let's say that everything is based on stuff I don't own. The worlds aren't mine. The characters aren't mine. The plot is mine-ish. If it's from Kingdom Hearts, it's not mine. Hell Kingdom Hearts isn't even mine. If it's not from Kingdom Hearts. . . . use your best judgment. And I'm not making money, munny, or gil from this. I'm in it for the love, people.
Oh, and I didn't invent M&Ms either. *Dashes off*
"Talking aloud."
'Thinking to one's self.'
=Unversed Language=
Major P.O.V./Scene Change: * * * *
A/N: My notes/comments/ramblings
Chapter Start/End: ------
Criticism: If you dare. . . . Please to be constructive, and have a point. Thank you.
Rating: G - PG13, depending on how comfortable you and your God are with boys loving other boys, and some rough language.
'This is Halloween'
On his chest, Mercury started to move. Zeth looked down at the Flood when his little ears twitched sli
:iconlynn-stardragon:Lynn-StarDragon 1 4
TheManyFacesOfLove by Lynn-StarDragon TheManyFacesOfLove :iconlynn-stardragon:Lynn-StarDragon 0 0 Zeth's 2nd Outfit by Lynn-StarDragon Zeth's 2nd Outfit :iconlynn-stardragon:Lynn-StarDragon 2 0 Q1_Colors by Lynn-StarDragon Q1_Colors :iconlynn-stardragon:Lynn-StarDragon 0 0 Q1_Lines by Lynn-StarDragon Q1_Lines :iconlynn-stardragon:Lynn-StarDragon 0 2 Naga1_Colors by Lynn-StarDragon Naga1_Colors :iconlynn-stardragon:Lynn-StarDragon 0 0 Naga1_Lines by Lynn-StarDragon Naga1_Lines :iconlynn-stardragon:Lynn-StarDragon 0 0 Chimera1_Color by Lynn-StarDragon Chimera1_Color :iconlynn-stardragon:Lynn-StarDragon 0 0 Chimera1_Lines by Lynn-StarDragon Chimera1_Lines :iconlynn-stardragon:Lynn-StarDragon 0 0
Mature content
FF7CC:Good Hearts and Bad Boys :iconlynn-stardragon:Lynn-StarDragon 9 10

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Well, ZenKaiKon has shifted when it's happening, again. w@ This year it will be the weekend before my 28th birthday.

I'm going, paid the pre-reg, because it'll be available until May 1st. I waited until now because my eyes have been shot lately, and cronically dry, and I was FINALY able to get them looked at, and, well . . .

I'm officially Near-Sighted. Dry eyes were not causing or part of the blurry vision, but it's not helping anything either. -.- It's also the mark of a true writer to have fucked-up eyes, so, go me. Basically I'm good to drive in areas I know. Once I get my specs, I'll be good to drive all over creation again, which will be awesome.

And that includes the drive to ZenKaiKon. >3

Time to party.

Also, because this was thrown at me . .. . .

My Answer:

I have not watched the new Ponies, but I am pleased with the personality results, and the character results. >3 Any of you who know me would know why.



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Happy birthday!
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Hello? Do you remember a dumb user on PokeFarm called forbiddenluv? She's me. It's been a long time, I know, and I probably irked you more than anything else, since I was used to Mary-Suing and bossing people around at the time. It really made me grow as a person, though, you guys made me realize a lot of things. I was reminiscing about it with Rock, if you remember her, and I thought of you. I hope you've been well over the years.
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Thanks for the Watch! ^^
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Hey, I just wanted to let you know that this is (what used to be) dancingkitsune, aka Sora (: I wanted to let you know I'm back on dA again with a new account and that I miss my con momma ):
nightflowersnfan Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I have a quick question for you.

What would happen if your OC were to walk into the Celestial Tower from Pokemon (specifically Unova)?
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...Are you doing okay?
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Happy Birthday to both of us.
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